New shoes to break in, and the last sunny day before an expected 3 days of rain, mean the boy and I need to get out for a walk.

This is it; mark the calendar.  It’s not the earliest I’ve done it, or the latest, but it needed to be done.

I did it for the baby.  I can always put on another layer.

October 20, 7 am - I turned on the heat.

The baby and I went out to finish up the grocery shopping after my walk.  At the seafood counter I bought some haddock, and some of the store’s freshly made fish cakes.  When the clerk asked if there was anything else, I asked to get a calorie count on the fish cakes.  (70 calories each.)  Sounds so simple! I have no idea why it’s so difficult - along the lines of asking for special changes / accomodations at a restaurant.  But I did it.

Autumn weather arrives

50 degrees and breezy, partly cloudy/ peek-a-boo sun.  Lovely day for a walk!  Zoey and I got in a 4.75 mile loop - almost unheard of on a Sunday!

Lovely evening walk after putting the baby to bed.  Hubby was watching the video monitor; I had a reflective vest, a headlamp, and the dog with the most white (River).  60 degrees at 8 pm in mid-October!

Quilt show

Hubby & grandson & I attended a quilt show today! (17 yr old DS declined to join us.)

We had a lovely time, I managed to pick up a few things (some fabric & a few magazines).  We had lunch out, and still stayed on plan!

Here are a few of my favorite quilts from the show.

The Knitting Runner runs (and knits!) again!

Found several articles on knitting and running.

Apparently he will be running the Kansas City Half this weekend, as well as the New York City marathon in a couple of weeks.  Doesn’t say if he’ll be knitting as he runs the KC half, but I did find information that he will be knitting during the NYCM!

It’s all in my head…

I’ve noticed a few eating patterns lately…  The first is that I’ve realized several times that I’m full, or I’ve had enough, only to finish what I was eating anyway.  Call it the “clean plate club”, or an aversion to “wasting” food (there was a time when there frequently was not enough food, but that was long ago).  Regardless, that’s why I have chickens, dogs, and other animals that will clean up leftovers.  (The bunnies and goats like banana peels, bunnies like cucumber peels, chickens love lettuce cores, squash innards & seeds.)  I’m still stuck with those thought patterns.

On the other hand, there have been several times when I’ve realized I’m full, or I’ve had enough! That in itself is a big step forward! I’ve noticed I eat a lot  more slowly when I’m sharing with the baby, I’m sure that helps. (He wants whatever we’re having and if he can have it, I share.  He only has four teeth top and bottom yet, though.)

I plan to pay more attention to this in the future.

One other mind game - convincing myself that I’m not really starving between meals, just because I’m trying to stay within calories.  (My current plan involves MyFitnessPal and planning meals so that I don’t overeat.  So far so good.)  I mean, really, I am SO not starving.  Temporarily hungry, perhaps, if even that.

Today’s plans include getting some new sneakers.  Exciting stuff, that.  I am exceedingly hard to fit, and incredibly picky about it.  I have at times returned multiple pairs of sneakers after I get home, try them on again, and hate the way they fit (even though they were seemingly fine in the store.)  I am the “Princess and the Pea” of shoes.  HATE shopping for shoes!  My old ones have begun to rip, though, leaving me no choice.

Signed up for 2 races today

There’s a group nearby who put on fantastic family-friendly races - Millennium Running.  Their events are always a good time, and they even allow (encourage!) walkers and people with strollers.  (They start at the back of the pack, and that’s fine with me.)

Today I signed hubby and I up for the Trick or Trot 3K (did that one last year - they shut down traffic over a bridge for us!) and the Thanksgiving day 5K.  Hubby said if it’s too cold for the boy to accompany us in the stroller, he’ll stay home with him.  What a wonderful guy I married! (We celebrated our 20th anniversary this year!)  Not likely to be running either of these yet, but I will enjoy myself nevertheless.